The essence of a real gentleman lies in the details. We do more than simply specialise in the cultivation of lilies. We stop at nothing to please our clients, which makes our service old school good.


24/7 bereikbaar

24/7 availability

Gentily is always reachable: 24 hours, seven days a week. Orders or questions? A single telephone call or email and we will be there immediately to help you.


Daily fresh flowers

Every day we select the best flowers with care. Freshly cut in the greenhouse today; delivered the same day, to ensure lasting quality.


Made-to-measure & variation

We provide made-to-measure service. We always select the largest variation of varieties and specifications for our lilies.

jaarrond leverbaar

Available all year round

We offer an adequate supply of products, with plenty of choices monthly from a diverse collection.

pris kwaliteit


At Gentily customers receive good, high-quality products for the best prices.



The wishes of our customers take precedence. There are many possibilities and there is always a solution. Gentily makes a difference through consultation with its clients!

10 dagen bloeigarantie

10 days of blooming after the first flower

After the first flower appears, we guarantee a blooming period of at least 10 days for consumers.

GENTILY, at your service

We have a very long history as cultivators. The torch of know-how and expertise of the Groenewegen and Steekelenburg families has passed to us, the younger generation. As the new generation of the Natuurlijk Goed and De Adelaar nurseries, we have joined forces. Strong collaboration. High-quality lilies. A reliable supplier. We joined forces in 2013 to form a forceful lily nursery, which has operated since 2016 under the same name: GENTILY.


Especially for you. Versatile, stylish and bathed in symbolism. Our lilies will move you. The pure aura of the lily will ensure that it fits in every moment of life.

Our product portfolio

Ours is a portfolio loaded with products of which we are proud. Good contacts with plant breeders, combined with carrying out flower trials, makes it possible for us to insert novelties at the head of our assortment. The first step is the propagation material: only the highest quality bulbs make it into our greenhouses. From all the varieties and sizes in the market, we have chosen 26 lily gems. The large, permanent flowers on offer ensure that we have a diverse collection of lilies available each month of the year. Added to that, we do everything possible to cultivate the highest quality and deliver the very freshest of flowers.



Cut off the stems diagonally using a sharp, clean knife.

Make sure the vase is clean and fill it with water.

Add cut-flower nutrient to the water.


Do not place the vase with lilies in full sunlight, in draughts or next to fruit bowls.

Regularly fill the vase with water.

If you get pollen on your clothes, do not brush it off; use adhesive tape to remove it carefully.


Meet Mike Groenewegen and Marc van Steekelenburg. Their passion for cultivation started early on. Family relatives ensured that they learned the tricks of the trade – spoon fed, in their words. And that started with our grandfathers. With all that transfer of know-how and expertise, we know how – just as the older generation did – to offer the best quality and ultimate service. With each other, but also with our fathers, Leo Groenewegen, Peter van Steekelenburg – not to mention a dedicated team in the background.

Much more than a certificate

With the seven assurances of Gentily, we can guarantee the highest level of service for our clients. In addition to this, we aim to achieve an optimum work process in a sustainable, socially responsible operational management. The MPS ABC certification that we have received assures openness, providing a measuring bar that demonstrates how environmentally friendly our nursery is. At Gentily, we continue to look ahead and meet the wishes of our clients. Continuity in quality will always lead the way.


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